November 2017 Update

Hello everybody!

So far November has been a very busy month, and we are looking forward to the start of December tomorrow. In November we made the last two CSA deliveries to wrap up our season for 2017. It was another amazing CSA season, and we had a awesome time coming out into the community to delivery our produce to our customers. We are very grateful for all the support and are so thankful that we completed another stellar season. We are just sad its over until next year!

With the temperatures dropping and the CSA season over, we have shifted our focus to cleaning and giving some TLC to our field down the hill and our greenhouses. We are still growing both soil and hydroponic lettuce in our hydroponic greenhouse, while we have been power washing and scrubbing our second greenhouse from top to bottom! Everyone has gotten pretty skilled with the power washer!

We had a great time celebrating Thanksgiving at Trellis, and made a delicious meal of ham, green beans, and squash. Tyler says the ham was his favorite part! We finished the delicious spread with some pumpkin pie. Our day included some Thanksgiving crafts and a science project where we built different types of boats from tin foil, paper, and balloons to see which design could carry the most pilgrims. We decorated and talked about what we were thankful for and had a great day of togetherness before everyone ventured out to spend time with family.


Here at the end of November we visited Gallery One in Ellensburg to create homemade Christmas card art projects. We made a design, cut it out into a stamp, covered it in paint, and printed our designs onto the front of our cards! It was a great time, and all the projects turned out great! If the guys decide they want to, we may write out a few of them to friends, family, and love ones!



We hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving, and bright and cheery holidays ahead! We look forward to wrapping up 2017 and spending the end of the year with those we hold dear. Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and see you in 2018!

Thank you everyone!


Tyler, Scott, Dalton, Jake, Ben, Steve, Nathan, Brock

Heather, Anabel, Devin, Victor, Steven

The Trellis Center

Fall/Winter 2017 Newsletter

The fall of 2017 has been a busy time and has brought plenty of changes for the Trellis Center! Our 2017 CSA season has come to an end and we are “putting the farm to sleep” for the upcoming winter. We would like to thank all of our CSA customers and Trellis Center supporters for another successful CSA season. We hope that you thoroughly enjoyed the produce you received in your boxes! This last week we finished harvesting the last of our broccoli and planted some garlic in the outdoor beds. Moving forward the Vocational Program at Trellis will be shifting its focus toward maintenance, cleaning, and skill building along with our winter greenhouse activities and prep-work for next season.

This year Trellis has taken on new staff and restructured in addition to expanding its programs! In September, Trellis took on Devin Earlywine and Heather Odenthal from Minnesota to join the team. Devin and Heather both have extensive experience with autism and developmental disabilities as well as with farm work both at home and abroad. They have taken on the roles of Vocational/Transitional Coordinator and Recreational Coordinator, respectively. They are assisted by Victor Pamatz and Anabel Gonzalez, with support from Steven Noles. Check out the “Our Staff” section of the Trellis website to learn more about the crew!

Our Staff

While the Vocational Program is building upon its success and making big plans for the future, the High School Transitional Program has grown drastically this year as well! There are currently 11 participants from the Kittitas and Ellensburg High Schools who attend Trellis in the mornings Tuesday through Friday. The program focuses on life skills, career development, and the technical skills involved with farming. The participants just wrapped up their first project of growing cilantro microgreens! They are currently working on simultaneously growing soil and hydroponic lettuces to compare the differences in process and growth.  Over the winter the participants will be working on plotting out individual garden beds and learning how to plan a farm crop before seeding and caring for their own bed in the spring time. We are also working on how to communicate professionally over the phone and through email, as well as other skills such as how to manage a timecard and seek employment. Once a month we have a guest speaker come in and discuss their profession and allow the students to learn about different career paths and ask questions of individuals who are in those careers. We would like to thank our Farm Manager Zach for kicking off this series, as well as Paula Lofgren for giving an excellent presentation on what it is like to be a public defender for 30 years. If you or anyone you know is interested in speaking about your profession as a part of this program, feel free to contact Devin at!

In the Recreational Program this fall Trellis has been working on life skills such as grocery shopping and cooking, finances, social skills, internet literacy, health and biology, music and movement, and many others. Trellis has visited the Pacific Science Center and gathered lots of new resources for our programs to expand in the areas of science, math, and life skills! Just a few weeks ago we toured the Wild Horse Wind and Solar Facility & Renewable Energy Center, and over the last couple months we have been to Get Air Yakima trampoline park, Majestic Theater, Ellensburg Library, lunch at Los Cabos Restaurant, Easton State Park picnic and hike, Rotary Park, Bill’s Berry Farm pumpkin patch, pumpkin bowling, and corn maze. Trellis also volunteered at First United Methodist Church working at the clothing center sorting and hanging donations. If anyone is interested in volunteering at the Trellis Center, or if you have good ideas of where Trellis can volunteer to make a difference and give back to our community, please contact Heather at

(Left to Right)

Scott, Recreational Assistant Anabel Gonzalez, Steve, Brock, Vocational and Transitional Program Assistant Victor Pamatz, Ben, Nathan, Program Assistant Steven Noles, Jake, Vocational and Transitional Program Coordinator Devin Earlywine, Tyler, Recreational Program Coordinator Heather Odenthal, Dalton


November Newsletter

November brought the start of the holiday season here at Trellis, and we were hard at work all month preparing our plants and Terravine growers to be ready for the holidays. Much of this month was spent preparing for the two upcoming Kittitas Valley Holiday Markets. We created beautiful herb boxes and tags to create holiday gift baskets with fresh herbs for cooking this season. These boxes, as well as many of the herbs, lettuces, and plants, were brought to the holiday market in November, which was a great success not only in terms of our plants, but also in connecting with the local community and showing them what we have to offer. We also kept busy seeding, transplanting, and caring for plants in the greenhouse in order to keep our produce growing during the colder winter months. With the cold and a bit of snow settling in for winter, we have had a lot of work to do vocationally to make sure our plants receive the care and warmth they need.

Our recreation program had all of us practicing our cooking skills by creating some warms soups and chili for us to enjoy as the chill sets into the valley. We also went to support our veterans and those who serve our country and community by going to the Ellensburg Veteran’s Day Parade. The city had an assortment of military vehicles, both old and new, as well as veterans of all ages that we all enjoyed being able to wave to. Before everyone left to visit friends and family for Thanksgiving, we all worked together to create a healthy Thanksgiving feast and enjoyed sharing what we were thankful for while eating in each other’s company. The month of November was also a time to remind us how much we have to be thankful for, and to give back to our local community. Each of the participants at Trellis are working on an ongoing service project of creating fleece blankets to be donated to those in need in the Kittitas Valley.

The Trellis Center will be at the next Kittitas Valley Holiday Market on December 14th at the fairgrounds if you are in the area and would like to come support us. You can also support us through the Fred Meyer Community Rewards Program here. We are also connected to Amazon Smile for any online holiday shopping you might do. Just go to and choose The Trellis Center as the organization you would like to support.

As always, we thank everyone for their continued support and encouragement. We are ever thankful to those who support us in what we do. If you have any questions or comments, you can find us on facebook as well as online at You can also reach us by phone at (509)-968-4040 or via email at

Have a happy holiday season!



October Newsletter

The coming of Fall always brings with it excitement and change at the Trellis Center. This October, we have stayed busy with our greenhouses, garden beds, and pumpkin patch. We had our last two farmer’s markets where we were able to sell our Fall vegetables such as pumpkins and squash. With the end of the farmer’s market season, as well as the cold weather setting in, we began to empty out our garden beds and prepare them for next Spring. This means we have spent time enriching our soil by sifting rocks and plants out of the beds as well as topping them off with leaves to be tilled in later on in the year. Because our garden beds are being closed, we have been focusing our attention on filling the greenhouses with herbs and lettuces. Be sure to look for us at the Ellensburg Holiday Market on November 21st from 9am – 2pm at the Fair Grounds. We will be selling live herbs for all your holiday cooking!

On our recreation side, October gave us many opportunities to enjoy the crisp Autumn days through walking and playing sports outside. We also did a community service project of raking leaves at a local park to keep it clean for everyone to enjoy. A trip to the pumpkin patch was also in order to fully celebrate the Fall festivities. We all took a day to go on a hay ride, visit some petting zoo animals, pick our own pumpkins, and get lost in a corn maze. With all this excitement leading up to Halloween, we threw ourselves a Trellis Halloween party complete with carved pumpkins and a scavenger hunt.

A few reminders of how you can support the Trellis Center, especially leading up to the holiday season. We have an Amazon Smile account for any online shopping where a percentage of each purchase you make, makes a donation to the Trellis Center as well. Simply go to and make the Trellis Center your preferred organization. We also have a Fred Meyer Community Rewards account where you can link your Fred Meyer Rewards card to the Trellis Center, and Fred Meyer will make a donation to the Trellis Center. Just go to and choose the Trellis Center as the organization you wish to support.


As always, if you are interested in learning more about the Trellis Center you can contact Daniel via email at as well as via phone at (509)-968-4040. Be sure to keep up to date with what we are doing by liking us on Facebook.

Thank you for all your support!

September Newsletter

September and the end of Summer kept everyone at the Trellis Center busy and working hard to keep up with all the harvest the late Summer brings. We also welcomed a new friend to Trellis in September. Nathan has been working hard with everyone to experience and learn what all we do at the Trellis Center. Our garden beds and pumpkin patch have been producing great vegetables including pumpkins, beets, tomatillos, and many other plentiful produce. In our greenhouses, we are continuing to grow microgreens for local restaurants, and we also have quite a few Hungarian wax pepper plants growing very well. The beginning of Fall has been a time of change for our outdoor plants. As the temperature begins dropping a little lower each night, we started to remove different plants from our garden beds that are finished producing and those that aren’t equipped to deal with the colder temperatures. This has been a great opportunity to talk about the differences in plants and learn what grows best during each season.

The Trellis Center also had the chance to go to quite a few Farmer’s Markets in September. With all of our hard work, we were able to fill our market trailer with all kinds of produce and plants showing off the variety of items everyone at Trellis can grow and care for. We will have our last two farmer’s markets in October. Come see us at the Kittitas Valley Farmer’s Market on October 10th and 24th! We will have plenty of produce for sale including pie pumpkins, carrots, and eggplant.

Our recreation program provided us with some great activities to take advantage of the weather and the gently changing leaves. We took a trip out to Speelyi Beach Park by Cle Elum and went on a walk along the lake. We also went on a big outing to the Museum of Flight in Seattle. A very big thank you to all those who helped make that trip a possibility: Mr. Dillow, Mr. and Mrs. Albers, Millie Spezialy, and everyone at the museum who made our trip so special.

As always, if you are interested in volunteering or hearing more about what the Trellis Center is up to, feel free to contact us at or check out our Facebook page.


July Newsletter

July was a very busy month at the Trellis Center both recreationally and vocationally. With Summer weather upon us, we had so many opportunities to be outside for fun and some work. Everyone here has kept busy with the amount of harvesting as well as planting to be done at this time during the season. Many of our crops have been producing week after week, while others have finished producing which allowed us to plant a second group of crops for the late summer. In addition to keeping our garden beds full, we are trying our hand at growing sprouts and are seeing great results. We were also able to plant pepper starts and watermelons to be ready for harvest later in the season. We are beginning to see some squash and pumpkins appear as the long, hot summer days encourage all of our plants to mature for harvest. While the gardens and greenhouses are keeping us busy, we have also begun to mix our own potting soil. This helps us ensure healthy plants starting in the greenhouse, and promises a smoother transition when we transplant our starts outside. With our garden beds, pepper patch, and greenhouses in full swing we we able to continue making deliveries to both The Yellow Church Cafe as well as bring some fresh herbs and produce to the Ellensburg Pasta Company. We thank both businesses for their support of the Trellis Center as well as TerraVine Growers. We will be at the Kittitas Valley Farmer’s Market August 22nd!

Our recreation program offered us many opportunities for some summer fun this July. We were able to do some great hiking around Lake Easton State Park, as well as have a few picnics along the Yakima River. In honor of Independence Day, the Trellis Center cooked up a patriotic BBQ meal complete with music and some time spent in the pool. The Trellis Center also volunteered our time and talents to the local FISH Food Bank. We were able to help sort and package dry goods to be given to families in need this Summer as well as provide assistance in serving a community lunch to the Ellensburg area at one of FISH Food Bank’s meal locations. It was a great experience to have all of us at the Trellis Center giving back to the community that we know and love.

We extend a thank you to all those who support the Trellis Center and their endeavors, and appreciate all the encouragement you give the program. For those in the Ellensburg area, don’t forget to come out and see us at the Farmer’s Markets. For all of our supporters living elsewhere, there a so many ways for you to support us from afar. The Trellis Center has an Amazon Smile account in which a percentage of each purchase is donated to the Trellis Center, all you have to do is go to, sign-in to your amazon account, and then search for the Trellis Center. We also always have our paypal in which donations can be made. We appreciate all the support we receive and know that it’s vital for us to continue to fulfill our mission and provide the best program possible to all of our participants.

June Newsletter

Summer is one of the busiest times of the year for everyone at Trellis. Our garden beds are in full swing during June and the weather gives us so many chances to be outside for both work and play. This June, Trellis also welcomed an agricultural intern from Washington State University, Erik. Erik brings his expertise in organic gardening to Trellis and is teaching all of us more about caring for our plants and providing them the best soil possible. Erik has also worked with the Sunridge 1 house-dad, Jeff, in order to set up a hydroponics system in one of our greenhouses, in which we have begun growing a variety of lettuces. We appreciate both Erik and Jeff’s help in setting up the system and are excited to begin producing hydroponically grown lettuces. We have also started growing microgreens. Microgreens are small shoots that are harvested from a plant before it reaches full maturity. Microgreens are extremely flavorful and nutrient-dense and are used to garnish a variety of dishes, including soups, salads, dinner entrees, and sandwiches. We have already begun selling our microgreens to local restaurants and at the Farmer’s market. This month we have continued to sell our fresh herbs and produce to the Yellow Church Café, as well as to the Ellensburg Pasta Company. We appreciate both these restaurants, and their support of businesses owned by adults on the autism spectrum. As we continue to help our participants grow their company (Terravine Growers), we look forward to making more connections with other local businesses and restaurants in Kittitas County. We will also be selling at the Farmer’s Market throughout the summer and will be at the Ellensburg Farmer’s Market on July 11th, and 25th.                                     



The month of June also allowed us to continue engaging with our local community in the form of weekly community outings. Outings this month included a trip to the Northwest Railway Museum in Snoqualmie Falls. The museum is home to a historical depot built in 1890 with artifacts, as well as a train shed in which volunteers restore and refurbish historical trains. We also did a community service project this month working with Catholic Family Charities. During our project, we helped restore the Brockwood apartment, which provides affordable housing to senior citizens and disabled residents. Some of our participants put their gardening skills to use cleaning out several garden beds and planting new plants in them, while others helped paint a storage shed for the building. We really enjoy doing these community service projects, and love getting to watch our participants give back to others.

As always, thank you to all who support the Trellis Center. If you have any questions or would like to volunteer with us, please contact us by email at or by phone at (509)-968-4040.


March Newsletter

The month of March means the beginning of Spring and a time for growth. This was very representative of the mood around Trellis this month, as we not only welcomed the beginning of a new season, but also welcomed new participants to join us on a long-term basis. The arrival of new participants to the program allows Trellis to provide a supportive and therapeutic environment for all of our participants and continue to support adults on the Autism spectrum as they pursue self-employment. Part of that support this month has been to prepare our garden beds and pepper patch for the growing season ahead. This has included adding fresh compost to our garden beds, purchasing seeds, and starting those seeds in the green houses. Despite it still being March, everyone is excited to see the seeds begin to sprout, knowing that in a few months we will be selling the vegetables these plants produce to our community members at the Farmer’s Market. The month of March also welcomed three piglets to the Sunridge Ranch, which we love taking care of and watching grow during the Spring and Summer.

          The month of March was also very rewarding in terms of our recreational activities as the beginning of Spring meant we could spend more time outside. This lead to several hikes throughout the area, allowing participants to explore and gain an appreciation of the different sights and landscapes here in Central Washington. We also celebrated St. Patrick’s Day this month. Celebrations included a writing and art project in which we asked participants to describe what they felt they were lucky to have in their lives, as well as a scavenger hunt in which the staff hid clues throughout the property and ended with each of the participants finding a gift from the Trellis staff to them. This month we also went to a Central Washington University men’s baseball game and cheered on the wildcats as they beat Whitman College. We also celebrated Tyler’s birthday this month as he turned 29. We are so thankful to have Tyler be a part of our program and were happy to celebrate with him before he went home to visit his family.

          We would like to thank everyone for their continued support of the Trellis Center, and all of its participants. If you have any questions about the program or would like to volunteer at Trellis, please contact us at (509)-968-4040.

December Newsletter

December was a short but very busy month for us at Trellis, as we continued growing and selling fresh herbs and produce around the Kittitas Valley. This month, we returned to the Ellensburg Holiday Market where Jake, Ramsey, and Riley helped us sell holiday herb baskets to local community members.We also made deliveries of fresh herbs and produce to restaurants in Ellensburg who continue to support the owners of Terravine Growers. These deliveries have meant a lot to our guys as they get to see the entire process of being a small organic farmer, from seed to sale. All of this has meant that we have spent much of the month of December keeping busy in our green houses. This work was aided by the addition of a gorgeous new sink/work space which was donated to us by Albers Sheet Metal. We would like to say thank you again to the Albers family and all of their employees for their generous donation. site generator The sink has given us additional work space to seed and transplant seedlings into larger pots, as well as a large sink to water plants and rinse off pots and trays.

We were joined by Ramsey and Brock in the month of December. We started off December by driving to the Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest and cutting down the Trellis Christmas tree. This was a really enjoyable community outing as we were joined by Anne and Janice. All of the guys enjoyed going out into the forest and searching for the perfect tree for Trellis. This month, we were also able to give back to our community. Trellis helped the F.I.S.H. bank by preparing holiday baskets for underprivileged families in the Kittitas Valley. The guys did an excellent job at preparing the baskets, and their hard work and professionalism impressed several of the staff at the food bank.

We hope that everyone had a safe and restful holiday period. We are excited to start 2015 and look forward to all of the new people and experiences that lay ahead for us.