March Newsletter

The month of March means the beginning of Spring and a time for growth. This was very representative of the mood around Trellis this month, as we not only welcomed the beginning of a new season, but also welcomed new participants to join us on a long-term basis. The arrival of new participants to the program allows Trellis to provide a supportive and therapeutic environment for all of our participants and continue to support adults on the Autism spectrum as they pursue self-employment. Part of that support this month has been to prepare our garden beds and pepper patch for the growing season ahead. This has included adding fresh compost to our garden beds, purchasing seeds, and starting those seeds in the green houses. Despite it still being March, everyone is excited to see the seeds begin to sprout, knowing that in a few months we will be selling the vegetables these plants produce to our community members at the Farmer’s Market. The month of March also welcomed three piglets to the Sunridge Ranch, which we love taking care of and watching grow during the Spring and Summer.

          The month of March was also very rewarding in terms of our recreational activities as the beginning of Spring meant we could spend more time outside. This lead to several hikes throughout the area, allowing participants to explore and gain an appreciation of the different sights and landscapes here in Central Washington. We also celebrated St. Patrick’s Day this month. Celebrations included a writing and art project in which we asked participants to describe what they felt they were lucky to have in their lives, as well as a scavenger hunt in which the staff hid clues throughout the property and ended with each of the participants finding a gift from the Trellis staff to them. This month we also went to a Central Washington University men’s baseball game and cheered on the wildcats as they beat Whitman College. We also celebrated Tyler’s birthday this month as he turned 29. We are so thankful to have Tyler be a part of our program and were happy to celebrate with him before he went home to visit his family.

          We would like to thank everyone for their continued support of the Trellis Center, and all of its participants. If you have any questions about the program or would like to volunteer at Trellis, please contact us at (509)-968-4040.

February Newsletter

February was a very exciting month for all of us at Trellis as we continued to work and learn throughout our day. This month we welcomed back Ben who made his final move from Portland, Oregon to join us in Ellensburg. This month we continued to work hard in our greenhouses, taking care of the fresh herbs and vegetables that we are growing. Some nicer Winter weather also meant we got to spend more time outside beginning to care for our garden beds, cleaning them out of winter debris and preparing them for planting later in the Spring and Summer. We are proud of our participants’ ability to be actively engaged in the entire life cycle of the herbs and vegetables that we grow at Trellis. From seeding the plants, to nurturing them until they are ready to be harvested and sold to local restaurants, each of our participants is getting to be fully engaged in growing nourishing and healthy food that will be used by restaurants to feed their fellow community members.

In terms of our recreational activities, we were engaged in several different projects throughout the month. We continue to build and work on continuing the education of all our participants at Trellis, encouraging continued growth in math, reading, writing, and in exploring different creative outlets like music, drawing, painting, and other art projects. Our community service project this month was a trip to the Habitat for Humanity store in Ellensburg, helping them organize different merchandise around the store and packaging other items to be shipped to different locations. One recreational activity we did this month was two field trips to Gallery One, where participants first sculpted their own masks, and then decorated them. We are expecting to pick up the masks in the middle of March and will be sure to show off the finished projects on our Facebook page. Another activity for us was celebrating the birthdays of two our participants, as Jake turned 30 and Ben turned 22 in February. We did a shared birthday party going out to lunch in Yakima, and then going to see the movie Paddington in theaters. It was a fun and relaxing day for everyone at Trellis, and we were grateful to be able to join Ben and Jake for their birthday celebrations.

All of us continue to grow and learn at Trellis, and we are excited for the upcoming Spring months as we begin planting and growing outside of the greenhouses. If you have any questions about the program or would like to volunteer at Trellis, please contact us at (509)-968-4040.


January Newsletter

After a Winter break, everyone at the Trellis Center returned home to Ellensburg well rested and ready to work in what turned out to be a busy January. This month we have been able to spend more and more time in our greenhouses taking care of the herbs we have been growing, as well as expanding our crop to include kale, peppermint, and different kinds of lettuces to be sold to restaurants in Ellensburg. With all this activity in the greenhouse, we were able to make another sale to the Yellow Church Cafe in January.


January was also a fun month for recreational activities. We have all resumed reading, writing, and math in order to help us with our work. We’ve also spent plenty of time exploring different mediums of art and playing music with Robin in the afternoons. For our community service project this month, the Trellis Center teamed up with HopeSource in Ellensburg to prepare and label hygiene kits for homeless veterans in the Kittitas Valley.

January was also an exciting month as a fundraiser was held to help the Trellis Center raise money to continue to be able to have such a successful program. Our fundraiser was held in Seattle at the Edgewater Hotel where we were lucky enough to be joined by friends, family, and supporters both new and old. We would like to thank everyone who came out and helped us with that fundraiser, and also extend a special thank you to Dalton Electric for sponsoring such a wonderful event.

We hope everyone had a fun and restful holiday, and are as ready as we are to begin 2015 and see what successes, challenges, and joys this new year will bring us all.


December Newsletter

December was a short but very busy month for us at Trellis, as we continued growing and selling fresh herbs and produce around the Kittitas Valley. This month, we returned to the Ellensburg Holiday Market where Jake, Ramsey, and Riley helped us sell holiday herb baskets to local community members.We also made deliveries of fresh herbs and produce to restaurants in Ellensburg who continue to support the owners of Terravine Growers. These deliveries have meant a lot to our guys as they get to see the entire process of being a small organic farmer, from seed to sale. All of this has meant that we have spent much of the month of December keeping busy in our green houses. This work was aided by the addition of a gorgeous new sink/work space which was donated to us by Albers Sheet Metal. We would like to say thank you again to the Albers family and all of their employees for their generous donation. site generator The sink has given us additional work space to seed and transplant seedlings into larger pots, as well as a large sink to water plants and rinse off pots and trays.

We were joined by Ramsey and Brock in the month of December. We started off December by driving to the Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest and cutting down the Trellis Christmas tree. This was a really enjoyable community outing as we were joined by Anne and Janice. All of the guys enjoyed going out into the forest and searching for the perfect tree for Trellis. This month, we were also able to give back to our community. Trellis helped the F.I.S.H. bank by preparing holiday baskets for underprivileged families in the Kittitas Valley. The guys did an excellent job at preparing the baskets, and their hard work and professionalism impressed several of the staff at the food bank.

We hope that everyone had a safe and restful holiday period. We are excited to start 2015 and look forward to all of the new people and experiences that lay ahead for us.

November Newsletter

November was a very big month for us at Trellis, and we are thankful for all the support we receive from our friends and family. We kept busy supporting our participants as they continue to grow their business, Terravine Growers. Terravine sold fresh herbs and Mama Lil’s peppers at the Ellensburg Holiday Market before Thanksgiving, where Tyler, Riley, and Ramsey made an excellent sales team and impressed customers with the quality of the products they were selling. Our greenhouses also took off this November and allowed Terravine to make their first delivery of fresh produce to a local Ellensburg Restaurant. find owner of a domain They sold fresh arugula, parsley, and cilantro to the Yellow Church Cafe. We deeply appreciate the support they have given us and hope to continue to do business with them and other restaurants in the Kittitas Vallley. Even as we move into the Winter months, Trellis is staying busy with all the growth and continued planting in our greenhouses

For the month of November, Ramsey and Steve joined the Trellis center. We started off the month celebrating Veteran’s Day by going to the Veteran’s Day parade in Yakima. Everyone wrote letters to veterans, and had fun seeing all the different floats and classic cars in the parade. It was also a perfect month to take advantage of some final crisp Autumn days and enjoy different hikes and walks around the central Washington area including the Coal Mine Trail in Cle Elum. To finish the month of November, we took a community outing to focus on what Thanksgiving is all about and gave a donation to the FISH food bank in time for Thanksgiving meals to be prepared for the Ellensburg community. Before Thanksgiving break, we said good-bye to Steve for the time being but were excited to see Brock again in December.

If you were not able to visit us at the first holiday market, we will be there again on December 13th selling fresh basil, cilantro, parsley, sage, thyme, and arugula herb baskets and Mama Lil’s peppers. We want to invite all of our friends, families, and supporters to come visit us at the last holiday market at the Kittitas County fairgrounds.

Again, we at the Trellis Center would like to thank everyone for all the support you continuously provide for us.