Mission Statement

The Trellis Center’s mission is to support adults with developmental disabilities as they pursue entrepreneurial endeavors. We believe that self-employment offer adults with disabilities, increased opportunities to maximize their strengths and skills, to achieve their financial and career goals, and to customize their employment to accommodate their needs.

We seek to help our participants improve their social, self-management, problem solving and communication skills through peer engagement and positive behavior supports, while participating in a variety of vocational, recreational and community activities. We strive to create opportunities where adults with developmental disabilities are understood, valued and given opportunities to grow individually as well as contribute to their community.

Working Together

The Trellis Center is a non-profit 501(c)(3) charitable organization that fosters a sense of purpose and belonging in adults with developmental disabilities. Services include agricultural-based vocational skill building, community outreach and education, recreational programs and other socially stimulating activities with the level of ability and interests of the participant in mind.

If you share our passion to help those in need and would prefer to donate your time please contact Daniel Ortega, Program Coordinator at (509) 968-4040 or

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